Instructions for Text Submissions

For submitting assignments through text, we will give you forms which you will have to fill with your responses. We recommend you keep your answers as concise as possible, under 400 words maximum.

NOTE: The 400 word limit is one that you must not exceed for any one question under any circumstances. Most questions will not require answers that long, and we neither expect nor want you to write 400 words for them. 150-250 words should be enough for most answers.

You will have to fill the forms by the end of each week, so you may submit answers to multiple assignments at once. Links to the forms for the respective courses are given below.

Aerospace 101:

  1. Week 1: Basics of Rocketry Part 1 – Submit by 12/06/19
  2. Week 2: Basics of Rocketry Part 2 – Submit by 22/06/19

Basics of Flight:

  1. Week 1: Aerodynamics – Submit by 12/06/19
  2. Week 2: Propulsion – Submit by 22/06/19

Instructions for Submissions with KSP

Submissions for KSP are to be done by creating an album of images showing the various parts of the flight hosted on either imgur or a Google Slides document link. You can take screenshots by pressing F1 on your keyboard, and then find the screenshots in your KSP install folder here:

The minimum amount of screenshots you need to take are as follows:

  • Inside the editor (before launching the craft)
  • On the launch pad
  • 3 screenshots each at 5 km altitude, 20 km altitude and 50 km altitude – these don’t need to be exact and are just rough guidelines
  • In orbit
  • During reentry
  • Successfully landed

There will be fields in the form for you to list what problems you had and how you resolved them. If you didn’t have any problems, then just mention what specific actions you took and design choices you made to alleviate specific problems that you could see occuring.

Link to form

Link to KSP demo