About us

Aeross is the aerospace society of Delhi Public School RK Puram, New Delhi. We are a group of outer space aficionados, science and engineering lovers, problem solvers, and technology enthusiasts who prefer to build rather than watch. Formed in 2009, we have crossed countless milestones in the past few years, and have an active community of 20+ members across grades 7-12, and are continuing to push boundaries and increase our reach.

Our members have a variety of talents – everything from 3D modelling to programming to scientific research to technical innovation. They regularly take part in national and international level competitions related to aerospace, aviation and other engineering related fields, and fair to say win many of them. We don’t just restrict ourselves to competitions though. In the last few years we have also started several internal projects, including our Cubesat initiative, our Summer Courses and soon, our High Altitude Balloon project.