Since its inception in 2009, the Aerospace Society has achieved countless milestones, winning several national and international level competitions.

CompetitionAward(s)YearProject Name
International Science and Engineering FairGrand Prize Winner2022Flikcer
NSS (Ames)Grade 10 Second Prize2022Swastika 141919
NSS (Ames)Grade 8 First Prize
NSS (Ames)Grade 12 First Prize2022Anchises
RWDC2nd Nationals2022Asteria by Team Asteria Origin Dynamics Incorporation
RWDC1st Internationals, 1st Nationals2022C-25 Sigma byTeam Indus-Luft Dynamics
ARSSDCQualifying Round Second Runners up, Runners up2022Team Aurora
ARSSDCQualifying Round Indian Semifinalists, Runners up2022Team Borealis
INSSDCPreliminary Quarterfinalist, Runners up2022Team Aurora
INSSDCPreliminary First Runner up, Winners2022Team Borealis
IRISGrand Prize winner2022N/A
MIT Academy of Engineering, Equilibrium1st2022Skyblazers
ATL Space Challenge1st in category (Leverage space)2021Aura
NASA Scientist For a Day3rd Position2021N/A
Misc Aerovaccine Techfest IIT BombayHonourable Mention2021MediAir
RWDC2nd international 2021Astrodronics 
RWDC1st national 2021Blazing Kryptonite 
AmesHonourable Mention2021Lumos
AmesHonourable Mention2021Aevitas 
Ames1st Prize2021Esperer
MIT Academy of Engineering, Equilibrium1st prize2021Samaritan Aerospace Inc.
IITB TechfestHonourable Mention2021Aerovaccine, Mediair
University of Arizona’s Sustainable Planet Challenge
2nd prize
NASA Scientist For A Day2nd Prize2020Triton
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia, Innovation HangarJudges Choice Award2020N/A
Technovity Supernova1st Prize2020Space Mirrors
Technovity Supernova3rd Prize (Senior Team)2020Project ODIN (Orbital Debris Immediate Neutralisation)
IRISFinalist2020Adaptive Normalization for Deep Learning Architectures
RWDCNational Runners-Up2020Falcon
RWDCWinners, Grand Prize International round2020Project Drone-acharya by Samaritan Aerospace Inc.
RWDCWinners, National Round2020Samaritan Aerospace Inc.
RWDCNational Runners Up2020Peregrine Aerospace Inc.
IRIS National FairSpecial Prize from the American Meteorological Society2020Prediction of Climate Change and Optimization of Solution Mapping
ISSDCRunners Up2019SpaceY
ISSDCRunners Up2019Red Origins
NASA Scientist For A DayWinners2019Enceladus
Conrad ChallengePete Conrad Scholars
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Technology Award
2019ENTHUSE by EnerX Systems
Conrad ChallengePower Pitch Award2019Nemachi by Arogaya Solutions
INSSDCRunners Up2019Red Origin
INSSDCRunners Up2019SpaceY
ARSSDCWinners2019Red Origin
ARSSDCRunners Up2019SpaceY
NASA AmesGrade 11, 1st Prize, Large Team2018PSS
NASA AmesGrade 8, 1st Prize, Large Team2018Anáptyxi
NASA AmesGrade 10, Small Team2018Terrene
NASA AmesGrade 11, Honourable Mention2018Paionia
Conrad ChallengeFinalist2018Innovation Tower by NOVA
Conrad ChallengeFinalist2018Aironoy by EnerX Systems
Conrad ChallengeAlternate Finalist2018Ares by Asteria (Aerospace & Aviation)
ARSSDCRunners Up2018Coriolis
INSSDCRunners Up2018Coriolis
INSSDCRunners Up2018Oberth
NASA AmesGrand Prize2017Anastasi
NASA Ames1st Place2017Avanoa
NASA Ames3rd Place2017Analysis of Space Cooperation Dynamics
NASA Ames3rd Place2017Initium Novum
NASA Ames3rd Place2017Project Taabir
NASA Ames3rd Place2017Asima
NASA AmesHonorable Mention2017Aelonah
Conrad ChallengeFinalist2017Panacea by Sirona
Conrad ChallengeFinalist2017INTEGERx42 by Impractical Engineers
Conrad ChallengeFinalist2017Lunex by Taabir
Space Apps ChallengeRunner-Up (Delhi) and Global Nominee2017Plavana by Team Chutney
ARSSDCRunner-Up2016Preliminary Proposal: Astoria
Final Proposal: Cassandras
by Aphadras
ARSSDCWinners2016Preliminary Proposal: Astoria
Final Proposal: Cassandras
by sum42
ISSDCRunners-Up2016Preliminary Proposal: Cassandras
Final Proposal: Bradburyom
NASA AmesGrade 11, 1st Place, Large Team2016Corona by Aphadras
NASA AmesGrade 9, 2nd Place, Small Team2016Novigo
Conrad ChallengePower Pitch Award2016Zephyros
Cassini Scientist
for a Day Essay Contest
National Winner2016N/A
Odysseus ContestQualified to Regional Final Proposals, top rank in non-EU category (could not attend Final Proposals)2016Zephyros
ARSSDCRunner-Up2015Preliminary Proposal: Aresam
Final Proposal: Benevectoras
NASA AmesGrade 12, 1st Place, Small Team2015Hephaestat
NASA AmesGrade 11, 3rd Place, Large Team2015Valhalla
Conrad ChallengePete Conrad Scholar2015Asteroid Capture System by Albatross
ARSSDCRunner-Up2014Preliminary Proposal: Columbiat
Final Proposal: Atlas
ISSDCRunner-Up2014Preliminary Proposal: Columbiat
Final Proposal: Balderol
NASA AmesGrade 11, Honourable Mention, Large Team2014Abastat
ARSSDCRunner-Up2013Preliminary Proposal: Bellevistat
Final Proposal: Arial
SHDC1st Place2013Mars Habitat Design by AeroMars Contractors
NASA AmesGrade 11, 2nd Place, Small Team2013Indus
NASA AmesGrade 11, 3rd Place, Large Team 2013Airavat
ARSSDCRunner-Up2012Preliminary Proposal: Aynah
Final Proposal: Anconioh
SHDC4th Place2012Space Habitat-01 by The 42nd Frontier
ARSSDCRunner-Up2011Preliminary Proposal: Astoria
Final Proposal: Cassandras
ARSSDCRunner-Up2010Preliminary Proposal: Aresam
Final Proposal: Benevectoras
NASA AmesHonourable Mention2010Aresam

INSSDC – Indian National Space Settlement Design Competition

ARSSDC – Asian Regional Space Settlement Design Competition

ISSDC – International Space Settlement Design Competition

SHDC – Space Habitat Design Challenge

RWDC – Real World Design Challenge